Donation, volunteering, and partnership Ways to help

Ways to help

Bridge for Smile (B4S) has various ways for any of you to participate. Even if you do not have time, and/or money, you can always find some opportunity to help us help these children in need.


Donating money

Donating directly to our account:

ATTENTION!: When depositing directly to our account, please let us know your name, amount of money, and contact information by email to .

Mizuho Bank., co. ltd. SHINJUKU-CHUO branch.
Saving Account.
Account number : 2643602
Account name : NPO Bridge for Smile

Books for Smiles

Used books, DVDs, CDs, and game software can be bought by Books for Smiles service and its sales will automatically be donated to us. It’s simple and easy. All you have to do is to pack up your books and software and contact Books for Smiles. They will come to your home or office and pick up the package at the arranged date and time, and they will let you know the amount you donate.

If you are interested, please check Books for Smiles

Donating goods

When children leave the children’s homes to live on their own, they find they need so many items to buy in order to start up their independent living – washing machine, refrigerator, bed, futon, furniture, kitchenware and so on. Some need business suits and a computer. If you have any of those at home which are relatively new and not used, please consider giving them to those children. We arrange what you have to be assigned to what they need every year between around October and February. Please see the detailed procedure here or contact us via email to .

Get involved

Volunteers are an invaluable part of who we are and what we do. We believe that children can best be healed and build self-confidence through relationships with caring, well-trained staff and volunteers. We provide various ways for you to participate as a volunteer. Even if you do not have any experience in dealing with teenagers, we do have series of training sessions for you to learn communication and facilitation skills.

Also, we always welcome pro bono volunteers to help us run our organization. Our communications unit and research unit welcome your interest. You can volunteer to directly support children and at the same time volunteer for the pro bono unit if you wish.

Only one obstacle for English speakers might be Japanese language, because all our activities and documents are in Japanese. If you have no difficulty in communicating in Japanese, you will be welcomed.

Who we need

    • Volunteers to support children in our programs
    • Pro-bono volunteers Communications unit: PR, editors, writers, photographers, web producers Research unit: research specialists to conduct research on the situation of those who we help

How you start

If you are interested, sign up for our volunteer orientation session first to find out who we are and how you can help us. We not only explain our programs in detail but show you various ways to participate as a volunteer. You can talk to our current volunteers and ask questions you may have.

Please check out here or email us at .

Partner with us

Corporate partners are our vital support in provide continuous and sustainable programs for children in need. We work with our corporate partners to meet their objectives and ours, and always come up with creative ways to partner.

Funding and goods are always welcomed, and encouraging employees to participate in our programs as volunteers is also a wonderful way to help us.

Several of our partners provide children with “Job Practice” program with us. These are usually one-day seminars for junior high school students and/or high school students living in children’s home, offering a chance to know various career paths and learn what it is like to work. Previous programs have included experiences in a restaurant, a brand clothing store, a news agency, a computer software firm, and a jewelry shop. One company provided mock interview sessions.

Often, these children have a very limited variety of career choices because they do not have enough opportunities to meet adults with various career background. Simply talking to those who are in different industries opens up their minds to a wider set of for the future.

You can see the list of our corporate supporters here. Please feel free to contact us at .

We are looking forward to hearing from you so that we can explore partnering opportunities.